Welcome to Dr Natasha Sharma Therapy Service

I specialise in helping individuals, couples, and families overcome challenges to achieve their goals for a happier, healthier life. I provide personalised and compassionate care to support you through your journey.

Individual Therapy

I understand that each person has their own challenges and experiences, and my therapy service will help you work through your issues in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Whether you are facing anxiety, depression, relationship problems, or anything else, I will listen and help you find a solution that will work for you.

Couples Therapy

Relationships can be hard, but they don’t have to be. Couples therapy will help you improve communication, resolve conflicts, and create a stronger bond. I use evidence-based approaches to help you work through any issues that may be impacting your relationship and to help you build a stronger, more fulfilling partnership.

Family Therapy

Family can be a source of strength and support, but also a source of conflict and stress. Family therapy sessions will help you and your loved ones navigate through these challenges and improve your relationships. Whether you are dealing with behavioural problems, relationship issues, or anything else, I am here to help you find solutions that work for everyone involved.


In addition to my general services, I am proud to offer professional services including Supervision, Training, and Consulting. Professionals from a health, education and social service background are able to gain a psychological perspective on cases that may be complex and challenging.


Training packages are also available to businesses, schools and organisations on a range of issues including stress management, attachment, safeguarding, child protection, behaviour management, trauma, emotional wellbeing and resilience.

Our Specialities Include

  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Behavioural Issues
  • Burnout
  • Career Guidance
  • Communication Skills Building
  • Cultural Issues
  • Depression
  • Divorce/Separation

  • Family Dynamics
  • Forced Marriages
  • Grief/Bereavement
  • Immigration
  • Infidelity
  • Life Adjustment/Transition
  • Mood Complaints
  • Parenting
  • Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum

  • Phobias
  • Relationships
  • Self Esteem/Self Worth
  • Sports Performance
  • Stress Management
  • Trauma
  • Weight Management
  • Other related mental health concerns

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